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At TCNY, quality comes built in

At TCNY, we recognize that prompt, accurate translations can only be achieved by working with translators who are thoroughly fluent in the required languages. Our well-qualified team of US-based translators, editors and proofreaders each demonstrate native fluency in their respective languages, while also possessing vast experience in their particular fields, such as pharmaceuticals, advertising, engineering and law. It is this foundation upon which all of our translations are built, and this is what allows TCNY to satisfy the requirements of even the most sensitive and technical of projects, while ensuring the highest quality results—in any business language.

The TCNY translation process

Each translation we handle is given individualized attention by the designated project manager, beginning with a careful review of the document and subject matter to determine the best qualified translator(s) for the project, as well as the cost and turn-around time for completion. Once the translation phase is complete, the proofreader/editor assigned to the project then reviews the document thoroughly to ensure accuracy, consistency and clarity, with a final in-house review for extra quality assurance. No document ever leaves TCNY’s office without first being meticulously reviewed.

TCNY has distinguished itself for the customized service we provide each client. Since our translation team considers both the content and the target audience at each phase of production, our team has frequently been able to point out subtle cultural nuances associated with a project. This allows our clients to avoid inappropriate connotations and thereby develop better relationships with their associates in other parts of the world.

How TCNY helps you to meet your international business needs

  • US based translators who are experts in their fields
  • Firm project cost and turn-around time guaranteed
  • Same day price quote with no cost or obligation
  • Complete confidentiality guaranteed
  • All work tailored to your deadline and needs
  • Delivery via email, file transfer and/or hard copy

A reputation for excellence in language services

TCNY takes great pride in the outstanding reputation we have established for providing prompt and accurate translations at very reasonable rates. Feel free to ask us for references so you may personally verify our performance and our clients’ level of satisfaction with our services. We are confident that you will then contact TCNY to take care of all your translation needs.