Creative translations, including tourism, marketing & advertising copy

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Since 1983, TCNY has impressed many loyal clients with its artful translation of their marketing materials and other creative copy. The need for quality creative translations is vital, particularly in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries, as it can impact businesses from tour guides, entertainment venues, hotels, museums and more.Group Of International Business People In Agreement

In this competitive marketplace, it is essential to put forth well-polished content in all the languages of your target markets in order to maximize your customer reach and effectively serve their needs. Yet if you ask the average person to describe the process of creating such translations, they often envision it as a simple word-for-word conversion from one language to another, not unlike converting inches to centimeters.

But while marketing and tourism copy may SEEM straight-forward, TCNY recognizes its complexity. This is a specialty area, with a heartbeat all its own. Tourist guides, promotional materials and press releases are often bursting with colorful language, and may rely heavily on figures of speech and native idioms to invoke the desired imagery. A literal translation here could easily “sink like a stone.”

It may not be rocket science, but it is an art. An art that TCNY understands.

A truly effective translation requires a solid comprehension of BOTH the source and target languages. Without a strong handle on the source text, it is like trying to paint an image viewed through clouded glass – even the most eloquent translator will have trouble capturing the fine detail. But this level of fluency is difficult to achieve without having been fully immersed in a culture where that language is the predominant one.

By partnering with US-based translators whose native tongue is the target language, TCNY can offer the best of both worlds, for the most reliable results. Our translators’ experience of immersion in an English-speaking society provides them with a better grasp on the subtleties of the English language than their offshore (AKA “In-Country”) peers who have not been so immersed. This assures a firm grasp on both the source and target languages, so your carefully crafted message will still ring true.

TCNY also keeps in mind both the locale and demographics of your target market, while taking all the steps necessary to assure the accuracy and reliability of the final product.

TCNY engages only skilled, experienced translators, wholly fluent in their working language pair and well-versed in the subject at hand. All our creative translators have a natural flair for language, that rare innate gift of painting images with words.

Then because CONSISTENCY is such an important aspect of branding and marketing, TCNY also strives to use the same translator(s) throughout the life of a project, so that terminology and style remain consistent.

We also remain committed to working with US-based translation professionals rather than cut-rate overseas providers. Their cultural immersion offers these translators a better handle on the finer points of English, with its wealth of idioms and metaphors, thereby helping to assure that the meaning and the tone of the translation remain true to the original text.

Finally, each translation is carefully proofread by a second language professional to ensure that it is clear, accurate, culturally appropriate, and stylistically consistent, with a thorough review in-house before the document is finalized and delivered. This last step is significant, as it enables us to catch any errors that may have been missed at the proofreading stage, providing for a greater degree of accuracy in the finished product.

Project types handled include the following:

  • Visitor guides
  • Press releases
  • Advertising copy
  • Hotel information
  • Exhibition guides
  • Sell sheets
  • Brochures
  • Trademarks and slogans
  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Holiday guides
  • Editorial content
  • Promotional materials
  • And more…

To submit a request for a firm, no-obligation price quote, please click here. You can then attach a copy of the file you would like to have translated. Please remember to specify the language or languages needed. If the file is too large to send via email, please call or email us your requirements and we will provide information on how to upload your document using WeTransfer.

References will gladly be supplied upon request, so that you may personally verify our clients’ satisfaction with our performance and confidence in our services.

If you are under a tight deadline, please inquire about rush service options for your project. We welcome all inquiries, and look forward to working with you.