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Translation Company of New York provides one central source for all of your translation service needs, whether large or small, technical or creative, business or personal. Founded in 1983, TCNY’s primary goal has always been to maintain the highest industry service standards at affordable rates. Through our partnership with US-based translation professionals, we pride ourselves in consistently producing translations that are both technically accurate and culturally appropriate.

The extensive experience and diversified know-how of our team enable us to handle assignments of nearly any size or complexity. Many of TCNY’s client companies are recognized leaders in their respective industries, including pharmaceutical, biochemical, healthcare, tourism and consumer products. But we can also provide the same individualized attention to the translation of your personal documents, including professional licenses, educational transcripts, certificates of birth and marriage, and other legal decrees.

When your language needs start closing in on you, you can trust TCNY to satisfy all the requirements unique to your project. To learn more about our commitment to quality and what sets us apart, visit our Quality Assurance page. Or just give us a call with any questions you may have. Allow us to handle your next translation project, and you will understand why so many companies rely on TCNY for all their translation service needs.

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Quality translation, typesetting and proofreading services are all available for most languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. Please see our Services page for a more extensive language list plus additional information regarding some of the document types we routinely handle, such as technical manuals, brochures, package inserts, and travel guides.

TCNY has distinguished itself for the customized service we provide each client. You can rely on us for the prompt, precise translation of any document type, in a wide array of disciplines. In addition, we also offer multilingual typesetting/DTP for documents such as product brochures, sales sheets, catalogs, and user guides, as well as stand-alone proofreading and editing of your existing translated materials.

Please visit our Services page to learn more.

TCNY recognizes that prompt, reliable translations can only be achieved by working with translators thoroughly fluent in both the source and target languages, and it is on this foundation that all our translations are built. By partnering with US-based linguists whose native tongue is the target language, TCNY is able to offer the best of both worlds, for the most reliable results.

The experience of immersion in an English-speaking society serves to provide these translators with a solid comprehension and command of the English language. And with a firm grasp on both the source AND target languages, you can rest easy knowing that your intended message will always ring true.

At TCNY, each project is given individualized attention every step of the way. After an initial document review and consideration of the subject matter, we begin with the careful selection of a translator with both native fluency in the required language and extensive experience in the subject at hand.

Then once the translation phase is complete, the proofreader/editor assigned to the project thoroughly reviews the translated document while comparing it to the source to ensure accuracy, consistency and clarity, followed by a final in-house review for extra quality assurance. No document ever leaves TCNY’s office without first being meticulously reviewed.

TCNY also keeps in mind both the demographics and locale of your target market, while taking all the necessary measures to assure the precision and reliability of the final product. Please visit our Quality Assurance page for more details about our translation process.

“You and your company are my shining stars. Thank you for your support.”
C.V., Regulatory Mgr., Producer of Industrial Products
“Many thanks for your very prompt translation of my presentation materials. It is always a pleasure to deal with professionals who deliver what they promise.”
S.B., Attorney-at-Law
“Thank you again for always going above and beyond translation!”
F.S., Nutrition Coordinator, Program Management, Non-Profit Agency
“Thank you very much for the much needed and much awaited translation. It is good to know there is a truly efficient translating company out there.”
S.G., HR Mgr., French Company
“Just a big thank you for your hard work… [TCNY] knows what they are talking about (in any language)! Good work, and many thanks for making my job easier.”
A.B., Account Rep., Market Research Firm
“TCNY…is one of the most pleasant, professional, and reliable agencies I ever had the pleasure of working with.”
V.B., Translation Professional
“Yesterday’s experience showed me that [TCNY] is more than a translation company, thus moving it from a vendor to a key supplier in my mind of resources. The ability and willingness of your staff to cross the line into quasi-production areas was truly appreciated. I also like the willingness to attempt solutions at technical hurdles.”
M.M., Director, Global Sales Development

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